710.G 1A/164

Memorandum of Conversation With the Mexican Minister of Finance (Pani)13

Dr. Pani called to say that lie believed that the agenda for the Montevideo Conference14 was too full and should be cut down to a few topics of real importance. Among these, however, he did not think is the question of peace on the Western Hemisphere.

I told Dr. Pani that I concurred in his opinion that the agenda for the Montevideo Conference was too long, and that if his Government would suggest that it be abbreviated the Department would be glad to support this view.

In reply to my question as to what subjects should go on a revised agenda, Dr. Pani suggested the “matters which failed at London”: economic and financial topics. He specifically mentioned central bank cooperation.

I asked Dr. Pani whether he was speaking for his Government. Dr. Pani replied that although he was giving me only his personal views, he intended to discuss the suggestion just made with his Government upon his return to Mexico City.

I mentioned Dr. Pani’s suggestion to the President, who concurs in the desirability of confining discussions at the next conference to subjects of vital and immediate importance. He strongly believes, however, that the subject of peace on this hemisphere should come up for discussion. In this regard he suggested that the proposals in his message of May 16 to the Chiefs of Government, for the definition of an aggressor nation, be considered.

The President threw out another idea for consideration: that when a revolution within a country overflows its boundaries, that is, when it involves the neighboring countries regardless of their desire to stay aloof, the neighboring countries agree to confer in order 1) to suggest a solution or 2) to request some third nation to suggest a satisfactory adjustment.

  1. The conversation was presumably with Acting Secretary of State Phillips. The memorandum is unsigned and uninitialed; it was dictated by “L. D.”, presumably Laurence Duggan, Divisional Assistant, Division of Latin American Affairs.

    For text of agenda, see pp. 4951.