894.628 Vessels/89

Memorandum by Mr. Lawrence E. Salisbury, of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs, of a Conversation With the Second Secretary of the Japanese Embassy (Miura)

Mr. Miura stated that he had called for the purpose of giving an explanation of the visits which the Hakuho Maru, a vessel of the Japanese Department of Agriculture and Forestry, had made to Attu during the vessel’s cruise in the waters of the Aleutian Islands. (In the Department’s note of July 5, 1933, the Japanese Ambassador was informed that the Acting Secretary had learned with surprise of two visits of the Hakuho Maru to Attu and of a contemplated third visit.) Mr. Miura said that the explanation had been received from Tokyo within the past two or three days and that he was reading from a translation of the telegram in which it had been received. According to this information, the Hakuho Maru had put into the Bay of Chichagof, Attu, on June 14 because of the stress of weather and had found it necessary to put into the Bay of Nazan, Attu, on June 22 for the same reason. These visits had occurred on the vessel’s outward voyage. After going to Unalaska the Hakuho Maru had again visited Attu in order that fresh water might be obtained and some engine repair work done.

Mr. Miura further stated that Captain Taketomi of the Hakuho Maru, a distant relative of Mr. Taketomi, Counselor of the Japanese Embassy, had informed an officer of the Coast Guard at Unalaska that he intended to put in at Attu on his return voyage. As far as Captain Taketomi was aware, no objection to the making of the visit had been advanced.

Mr. Salisbury informed Mr. Miura that the attitude of the Department is that stated in its notes on this subject to the Japanese Ambassador.