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The Acting Secretary of State to the Japanese Ambassador (Debuchi)

The Acting Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan and refers to the Ambassador’s note No. 74 of May 9, 1933,73 which requested that the usual courtesies and facilities be extended to the ship Hakuho Maru of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry and its personnel in case it should be necessary for the vessel to call at ports in the Aleutian Islands, to the Acting Secretary’s note of June 10, 1933,73 replying that the American Government would be very glad to extend the usual courtesies and facilities to the Hakuho Maru at those ports where officials of this Government are stationed, and to the Ambassador’s note No. 101 of June 20, 1933,73 in which it was stated that the Hakuho Maru expected to enter ports in the Aleutian Islands only in case of distress or for want of water.

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The Acting Secretary has learned with surprise that the Hakuho Maru visited Attu on June 16 and June 22, although there appears to have been no necessity for the making of either of these visits, and that the Captain of the vessel stated while the Hakuho Maru was at Unalaska that he would visit Attu again during the return voyage to Japan.

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