Memorandum by the Secretary of State4

The Chinese Ambassador to Russia called to discuss the proposed program of economic development in China along the lines outlined [Page 495] by the late Dr. Sun Yat Sen. This would include improvement of the means of communication, and also the restoration of Chinese credit as well as other phases of economic and financial reconstruction.

To the above ends the Chinese Government seeks to have selected certain outstanding persons from different countries for the purpose of advice and counsel. The committee would study various concrete proposals for the purpose stated.

I stated to him that I would be glad to bring this matter especially to the attention of my Government.

He handed to me a communication from Dr. Soong now in Rome.5 In support of the above proposal, the Chinese Ambassador to Russia finally brought up the question of Russian recognition, and earnestly urged that Russia would finally drift into special relations with Japan unless the United States Government gave her recognition.6 I stated to him that the matter was under careful consideration at Washington and that all phases were being kept in mind. I did remark that the recent experience of the British was not especially encouraging.

  1. The Secretary of State was in London as Chairman of the American delegation to the International Monetary and Economic Conference from May 31 to August 5; copy of this memorandum was transmitted to the Department July 16.
  2. See infra.
  3. For correspondence concerning U. S. recognition of the Soviet Union, see vol. ii, pp. 778 ff.