793.04 Commission/907: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

294. French Minister informed British Minister and myself the other day that his Government had informed him that T. V. Soong1 had asked League to assign Rajchman2 to China to examine conditions under which international cooperation might be brought about for reconstruction in China as recommended by Lytton Report3 and that League had referred matter to French, British and American Governments with a view to obtaining opinions of their Ministers here. French Minister asked whether we had received request for our opinion. He stated that while embarrassed by the request he had informed his Government that he saw no objection. British Minister and I stated that we had heard nothing of the request.

I hope that American Government will not be requested to pass upon this particular question. In my own opinion Rajchman would not be a satisfactory person to do such work because of the feeling of the Japanese toward him on account of his intimate connection with presentation of Chinese cause at League in September, 1931.

  1. Chinese Minister of Finance.
  2. Ludwig W. Rajchman, Polish director, Health Section, League of Nations.
  3. League of Nations, Appeal by the Chinese Government, Report of the Commission of Enquiry, Geneva, October 1, 1932.