The Minister in Nicaragua ( Hanna ) to the Secretary of State

No. 979

Sir: Supplementing my telegram No. 213 of November 15, 1932,65 I have the honor to report that General Anastasio Somoza, late Under-Secretary in chargé of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, has entered upon his duties as an officer of the Guardia Nacional as Assistant to General Matthews, the present Jefe Director of the Guardia Nacional. General Somoza will take over the post of Jefe Director upon General Matthews’ departure early in January, 1932 [1933].

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As the Department knows, General Somoza was educated in the United States, being a graduate accountant, and has had a distinguished career in civil government in Nicaragua as well as having taken an active and successful part in the last revolutionary movement. While there is some criticism of his appointment because of his comparative youth and because he was so closely connected with President Moncada as Secretary of the Comandancia General, and later as Under-Secretary and Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs, the choice is generally applauded here.

Respectfully yours,

Matthew E. Hanna
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