817.00 Woodward Electoral Mission/238

Mr. Lawrence Duggan of the Division of Latin American Affairs to the Chief of the Division (Wilson)

Admiral Woodward has presented his report in four bulky volumes.45 The first volume contains his own report which comprises a survey of the work of the mission from the time of his appointment. It is a splendid brief summary of the work of the mission. I doubt, however, whether you will want to read it as it contains very little not already presented in his monthly reports or that is helpful in interpreting the present situation there.

Admiral Woodward makes two suggestions:

  • “1. That the Government of the United States seek, by every means possible, to avoid again becoming involved in a commitment of the nature of the three recent Supervisions of Elections in Nicaragua.
  • “2. That if it proves desirable or expedient for the Government of the United States to again assume such a responsibility the most absolute powers for its ‘Electoral Mission’ be ensured from the start.”

[Page 833]

Volumes two and three contain documents and correspondence referred to by Admiral Woodward in Volume 1. These are very complete and seem to comprise all of the information necessary to an understanding of the subject. Volume 4 is a huge book of press clippings.

This report is a fine piece of work, being characteristic of Admiral Woodward’s thoroughness.

  1. Not printed. The report of the Chairman of the United States Electoral Mission to Nicaragua and inventory of the files of the Mission, are in Department of State files, under 817.00 Woodward Electoral Mission/231, 242.