815.00 Revolutions/366: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Lay) to the Secretary of State

103. The population of Tegucigalpa has been in a very excited state for several days on account of the presence of insurgent groups estimated up to 600 men in the close vicinity of town and an attack has been expected. None has occurred but 500 men have been sent today in pursuit of a band of 200 insurgents about 20 kilometers from Tegucigalpa on the south coast road. General Umaña is now reported a week’s march from Tegucigalpa and heading this way with possibly 1,000 men from direction of Santa Barbara. General Carías has a force of 2,000 for defense of the capital and little doubt is felt of his ability to defend it. The principal danger now is the presence in this city of so many armed and uncontrolled men both Government—Liberals and Nationalists with resultant irresponsible firing in streets. Zuñiga Huete has fled with family to Nicaragua and ex-Foreign Minister Zelaya contemplates flight for personal safety. American lives have not been threatened and except for unsafe conditions of the streets, especially after dark, I do not anticipate danger to them. The manager of the Rosario Mine reports no anxiety there as insurgents have withdrawn from that vicinity and he has reduced his own guard.