The Minister in Honduras ( Lay ) to the Secretary of State

No. 668

Sir: Referring to the Legation’s telegram No. 100 of November 22, 12 noon,11 I have the honor to transmit at the request of General Tiburcio Carías the attached memorandum signed by him for the attention of the Department.…

There is also enclosed as of possible interest an unsigned memorandum of the domestic policy of the forthcoming Nationalist government which was prepared by Dr. Paz Baraona and accepted by General Carías.

Respectfully yours,

Julius G. Lay
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[Enclosure 1—Translation]

The President-Elect of Honduras ( Carías ) to the American Minister ( Lay )


The President-elect of the Republic of Honduras.


That his government will be orderly and will give guarantees both to persons and business, equally to nationals and foreigners:

That in international policy it will maintain the most cordial relations with the governments of other nations, especially with that of the United States and those of Central America;

That in relation to the Central American Pacts signed in Washington in 1923, these having contributed to maintaining the benefits the Governments of the contracting parties have finally obtained, said pacts must not be denounced.

Tiburcio Carías
[Enclosure 2—Translation]

Dr. Paz Baraona to General Tiburcio Carías


Dr. Paz Baraona on his return from Europe sent the following to General Carías, which was accepted by him.

Below are the conditions that Dr. Paz Baraona handed to the candidates CaríasWilliams.

To clean up the Department of Justice, placing as Magistrates of the Courts and as Judges of Letters only the most honorable lawyers of the country and making vigorous laws without compassion for the punishment of the transgressors.

To do all that is possible to keep in force the pacts of Washington.

The efficient reorganization of the Department of Public Health and the carrying of its benefits to the towns, villages and homes of the Republic.

Making great economies in the General Budget of the Public Expenses, as a country with debts and impoverished must live with the greatest economy, in order to pay its debts and give the country the advantages that all honorable governments are obligated to do.

To avail itself of the services of honorable and competent men from the Liberal Party in important places.

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Changing completely the system of education, making it practical, so that the youth of the country may learn agriculture, industries, mining and all that tends to produce and develop the riches of the Republic.

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