838.51/2446: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti ( Munro ) to the Secretary of State

55. Department’s telegram No. 26, May 12, 6 p.m. I have nearly completed a detailed study of the problems involved in the new financial agreement and I shall endeavor to prepare a definite project for a draft of agreement as soon as possible. I feel that it is very important that I should have a chance to discuss the whole problem with the Department before beginning any active negotiations and I should therefore suggest that the Department instruct me to proceed to Washington on the steamer leaving June 8th which is the first American ship which it would be practicable for me to take. As accommodations are difficult to obtain at this time of year it would be helpful to have an immediate reply.20

The Financial Adviser inquires whether the Department would desire his presence also. He would like to accompany me because he wishes to discuss the possibility of a short-term loan with the bankers in New York.

  1. In Department’s telegram No. 27, May 19, 1 p.m., Mr. Munro was instructed “to proceed to Washington for consultation on the American steamer sailing June 8.”