838.51/2430: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Munro) to the Secretary of State

46. The Minister for Foreign Affairs told me this morning that he wanted to quote to Congress next Friday the last portion of the note delivered in accordance with Department’s instruction No. 171 of March 22nd, and that the Haitian Government would be very grateful if the Department were willing to omit the last phrase reading as follows:

“although it appears that present market conditions and the provisions of the loan contracts would make such an operation difficult at the present time.”

He said that this phrase would be interpreted by the Haitian public as an indication that the Government of the United States intended to block a refunding loan.

I see no objection to revising the note as suggested and I respectfully request authorization to do so. I think that Mr. Leger is probably right in his estimate of the psychological effect which this phrase would have.