838.00/3068: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Munro) to the Secretary of State

42. I have received a note from the Foreign Office proposing the negotiation of a new agreement looking toward the complete Haitianization of the Garde by December 31st, 1934 and the termination of the American Scientific Mission by August 5th, 1933, and the withdrawal of the marines by December 31st, 1932. The note also contemplates the establishment of a military mission to complete the instruction and discipline of the Garde without, however, specifying that the mission shall be obtained from the United States.

I presume that this note has been delivered now in order that the Government may report its action to Congress and thus meet the criticism to which it has been subjected on the part of extreme Nationalists by its recent policy of cooperation with American officials here.

Copy and translation will be forwarded by airmail.13

  1. Post, p. 632.