825.00 Revolutions/104: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Culbertson) to the Secretary of State

96. The act constituting the new Junta under the Presidency of Dávila has various provisos, one of which reads

“That it is the desire of the public that the Government of the country be founded upon constitutional and legal bases which will be a firm guarantee for nationals and foreigners.”

It then decrees in part as follows:

  • “First, that on this date we constitute ourselves into a Junta of Government which will temporarily have chargé of the direction of public affairs;
  • Second, that a Constituent Congress shall be convoked in order that it may dictate in the shortest time possible a new political Constitution for the Republic in which shall be contemplated as fundamental principles those of the socialistic organization of the State;
  • Third, that while this new Constitution is being promulgated this Junta of Government will conform in all its acts and resolutions with the general principles of the present political Constitution and laws of the Republic respecting them insofar as they do not contradict the aspirations for progressive reforms which inspire the nation; that it will allow the judicial power the independence necessary to it and will respect international obligations without prejudice to obtaining rapidly the modifications which the public welfare demands.”

A statement issued to the press this morning by Dávila includes the observations that the Government now will remain in the hands of civilians, that the armed forces will not attempt to impose their will in Government decisions and that socialism signifies discipline, method and order as opposed to the haphazard method, violence and class hatred which existed under Grove.

In a proclamation issued last night all the armed forces adhered to the movement under the condition that communism be outlawed.

“The Army wishes to return to its labors silently preparing the defense of the nation and it could not remain impassive in the face of the actions of a group of adventurers without a country who while exploiting the socialistic ideals outraged the flag and ignored right.”

The extremist press has not appeared this morning and it is reported that the communist leaders have been detained and their headquarters raided. Mobs are in an ugly mood but armed forces appear determined to maintain order.