825.00 Revolutions/103: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Culbertson) to the Secretary of State

95. Grove and his Junta were driven out of the Moneda tonight by military force and their place was taken by Junta consisting of Admiral Jouanne, director general of the Navy, General Augusto Moreno, chief of the Santiago garrison, and Augusto Rivera Parga, ex-radical Senator.

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Early in the evening Grove had some of the armed forces with him but they gradually abandoned him in the face of overwhelming military opposition. The mob continues to cheer Grove and is in a threatening mood.

In the confusion which exists now just after the coup d’état it is not easy to give an interpretation. One explanation is that the movement originated among the younger officers who feel that Grove has been disloyal to socialistic principles and has gone too far toward communism and also that he broke his agreement to keep the Army out of politics. Another is that it was started to forestall the Ibañez movement which was rapidly increasing. Early this evening the names of Dávila, Jorge, Alessandri and General Saez were associated with the movement and it may be that they are a part of it. Dávila did not leave for Argentina as planned.

New Junta is said to stand for law and order and the protection of life and property and for the installation of the socialistic regime. It demands the immediate removal of Grove and Matte from Chile.

Streetcars are not running. So far as I can learn tonight no Americans have suffered during the countermovement.

June 17, 2 a.m. It is reported that the armed forces have decided Junta must consist exclusively of civilians and have appointed the following: Dávila, Alberto Cabero and Pedro Velasco [Nolasco] Cardenas.