832.00 Revolutions/269: Telegram

The Consul General at São Paulo (Cameron) to the Secretary of State

According to a communiqué São Paulo forces are holding ground on all fronts, having repulsed attacks in Cubiro and Cunha. Sunny mild weather has prevailed here and in all the zone of operations, no rain having fallen since beginning of the movement. Food prices unaltered in this city as yet. A considerable portion of trucks and omnibuses already requisitioned and it is rumored that gasoline stocks are to be taken over. Public continues voluntary contributions such as cattle, rice, beans, clothing, surgical supplies, field glasses, automobiles, et cetera, the only discordant element being the radical proletariat formerly encouraged and organized by Joao Alberto and Miguel Costa, such radicals being only part of the population favorable to the Dictator but their influence is negligible and they are being kept down with an iron hand.

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Brazilian national flag seen everywhere and carried by troops. Volunteer battalions being named for other States to emphasize nonseparatist character of movement. Short-wave telegraphic radio here broadcasted São Paulo news to the United States last night in endeavor to offset propaganda from Rio de Janeiro.