The Chairman of the Commission of Neutrals (White) to the Paraguayan Delegate (Soler)

Dear Mr. Soler: I have received your letter of July twenty-ninth43 and presented it to my Neutral Colleagues in a meeting which we had this afternoon.

I am directed by them to thank you for advising us that you received last night by cable a report with the details requested by the Neutrals regarding the recent occurrences in the Chaco on June 15 and 29 and July fifteenth. I am directed by them to request you to forward to the Neutral Commission as quickly as possible the report44 with the details above mentioned.

With reference to your statement that the Neutral Commission has been constituted into an investigating commission, I am directed to point out to you again, as I did in our conversation of July 23, that the Neutral Representatives have been functioning since the eleventh of last November and that no further organizing was or is required. I am directed to point out to you, as I did on that date, that the Neutral Representatives expressly did not go into any subtle distinctions as regards mediation, conciliation, investigation, good offices, [Page 49] et cetera, but merely requested the Paraguayan and Bolivian Governments to send us information regarding everything that has happened in the Chaco from June 15 to date in order that the Neutral Representatives in Washington might be able to find a solution of the difficulties. In our conversation of that date, I read you the Spanish text of a telegram which was sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay on July 11 in which we requested complete details regarding the original incident of June 15 and the incidents which have followed it in order that when the information requested from both Governments had been received “los neutrales puedan estar en posicion de sugerir soluciones a dichos incidentes”.

I am [etc.]

Francis White
  1. Not printed.
  2. Not found in Department files.