733.35/23: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Bliss) to the Secretary of State

62. My 61, July 17, 6 p.m. It appears that the Argentine Government encouraged by the criticism directed against Uruguayan Government in its own country and presumably in the hope of resignation of Blanco, now insists upon a frank disavowal by Uruguay as a condition precedent to mediation.

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I have had numerous interviews with Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs, the particulars of which it will be sufficient to communicate by air mail and indicated to him very plainly that I considered that his attitude amounted to a flat reversal of the assurances upon which United States good offices were proffered. All that I was able to obtain from him, however, was a statement that these good offices were accepted in principle but that it is premature to make any announcement. He added in strictest confidence that overtures had been received by Argentine President from Uruguayan President for direct settlement between the two chief magistrates. Lest this opening prove abortive naturally nothing should be said about it. He told me that he might have some further information Wednesday.

While I consider that the course of the Minister for Foreign Affairs as regards our good offices is lacking in correctness still I see no necessity for adopting any other attitude than that of awaiting developments. I am keeping Wright fully informed by telephone.