733.35/22: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Bliss) to the Secretary of State

61. Minister Wright informs me by telephone of his two conversations with Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs.

I have therefore just talked with Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs at his residence. He says the Argentine Government will not take the initiative in the existing situation; it maintains an expectant attitude that Uruguay will rectify by a frank avowal its mistake in having summarily broken off diplomatic relations contrary to all diplomatic usage, international treaties and protocols. He considers moreover that the reasons Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs is alleged to have given in secret session of legislature as basis for his action are unfounded and that the Uruguayan Government has placed itself in a most equivocal position from which it can extricate itself only by a frank disavowal of its unprecedented procedure. He referred to incident occurring some years ago in Rio de Janeiro when Brazilian Government protested against the reception on board a United States war vessel of a Brazilian refugee politician and the United States Government had at once made ample apologies and relieved the commanding officer.

The Minister repeated what had been said to me by Under Secretary that United States good offices would be welcome but that Uruguay must first make the gesture of disavowal of its act. He also told me he had said to Colombian Minister in response to note delivered at 2 a.m. July 14 offering good offices, that other Governments had already made similar offer. I understand he had made this reply to leave his hands free and not to offend Colombian Minister by later accepting United States good offices. Have informed Wright by telephone of above in fuller detail.