721.23/564: Telegram

The Minister in Panama (Davis) to the Secretary of State

167. Department’s telegram No. 108, December 5, 6 p.m.26 Following for White from Cruchaga:

“In accordance with my telegram of the 4th, I transmit the following formula:

The Governments of Colombia and Peru desirous of maintaining peace, harmony, et cetera, in their international relations accept the invitation of the Government of Chile to establish in Santiago a commission composed of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Don Miguel Cruchaga, and two representatives of each of the two Governments to study:

The manner in which Colombian authority in Leticia could be reestablished, and
The modifications which could be made in the Salomon-Lozano treaty of 1922.

This formula has, in my opinion, the advantage of safeguarding the integrity of treaties and Colombian rights in Leticia and contemplates, for Peru, the possibility of changes in the 1922 treaty. If you can secure acceptance by Colombia I shall try to secure that of Peru. As question is pressing I suggest that once Colombian answer is known, you reply to me through American Consul General Guayaquil where I shall be December 13th or in Lima 16th. I believe this is the only chance for success in negotiations and consequently suggest you talk to Maúrtua and Guzman. I count on your cooperation.”

  1. Not printed.