Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (White)

I telephoned the Peruvian Ambassador after Doctor Guzman’s talk with me at my home on the sixth and asked him whether he thought that an interview between him and Maúrtua and the Colombian Minister and Guzman would be helpful at the present time. I said that it occurred to me that informal conversations between them might possibly advance a settlement and that if this should be agreeable to the Peruvians I would see if it was to the Colombians as well and then I would be very glad to have the four gentlemen in question lunch with me and the matter could be discussed informally.

The Ambassador said that there had already been talks between Guzman and Maúrtua; that as a matter of fact they had lunched with Cruchaga before Cruchaga left and that at that time Guzman had promised to make certain inquiries of his Government. The Ambassador did not know whether he had made these inquiries or [Page 301] not; in any event the Peruvians had heard nothing further from Guzman. The Ambassador did not seem very optimistic that another interview now would be very helpful but said that before giving me an answer he would discuss the matter with Maúrtua. He promised to do so Wednesday morning and let me know.

F[rancis] W[hite]