721.23/107: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru (Dearing)

59. The Department is informed that the President of Colombia proposes to instruct Colombian diplomatic representatives to discuss the “Leticia incident” frankly, informally and discreetly with the Foreign Ministers of the American countries and endeavor to see whether they will not instruct their diplomatic representatives in Lima to make representations to the Peruvian Government in the same sense as our Ambassador at Lima has been doing. As it appears probable that the aforesaid Colombian diplomatic representatives will likewise discuss the question with our representatives in the respective capitals, the Department has telegraphed our missions in Latin America of Olaya’s proposed instructions. For the information and guidance of our missions the Department has telegraphed them a résumé of the reported facts and the sense of its instructions to you contained in its telegrams No. 50 of September 3 and No. 56 of September 17.