721.23/79: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru (Dearing)

56. Your 169, September 16, 4 p.m., paragraph 5.10 Department’s 5511 set out in detail the main points which the Secretary mentioned in his conversation with Freyre.

Reference paragraph 7, your 169. There is, of course, no objection to your expressing orally to the Foreign Minister the substance of Department’s 55 as setting forth the Department’s views as to the essential issue involved in this incident, namely, respect for the boundary treaty. It would in fact seem from paragraph 13 of your telegram under reference that you had already explained in substance to the Minister the way in which we look at this question. Your suggestion that the Peruvian objections to alleged difficulties placed by Colombia on Peruvian trade at Leticia could be taken up by negotiations between the two countries after Colombian sovereignty had been reestablished at Leticia, seems helpful and practicable.

In your conversations with Peruvian officials you will of course have in mind that this Government does not desire to be singled out as the only Government to bear the burden of working for peace in South America and of supporting the declaration of August 3, which was subscribed to by all the American states. We are willing to do what we can to assist in a friendly manner to keep this question within proper bounds, but we have no responsibility to act as sole guardian of the peace of Latin America nor do we desire to assume such responsibility.

  1. Not printed.
  2. September 15, noon, p. 277.