724.3415/2368: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting Chairman of the American Delegation to the General Disarmament Conference (Gibson)

13. For Wilson. Your 12, September 29, 7 p.m., last paragraph.

White’s letters of September 19th and 20th18 give you information regarding the action of Argentina. At the present time the neighboring states have not agreed on any action of their own but they have all collectively and individually assured the Neutral Commission that they approve of its manner of handling the matter, are supporting and backing the Neutral Commission, and desire to cooperate and be helpful.

Neutral Commission this evening answered League’s cable.

  1. Not printed; the letters summarize correspondence printed under sections entitled “Good Offices of the Commission of Neutrals” and “Efforts of the Commission of Neutrals to Obtain the Cooperation of the ABCP Republics,” pp 8 ff. and 136 ff.