724.3415/1820 4/15

Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (White)

Mr. Mendoza of the Peruvian Embassy called and showed me a telegram which he had received from the Peruvian Government inquiring about the Chaco matter and whether there was any thought of asking the other nations of this hemisphere to join in any action; also whether there was thought of adding two more members to the Neutral Commission. I told Mr. Mendoza the present situation and gave him copies of the telegrams sent yesterday to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia and Paraguay.10 I told him that we hoped the matter would be straightened out and the conference would continue here; that if that should not be the case and there should be a breakdown then we would undoubtedly lay the matter before all the nations of this hemisphere, but that that time had not yet come. I told him that there is no thought at the present time of increasing the number of neutral countries.

F[rancis] W[hite]
  1. See telegram to the Bolivian Minister for Foreign Affairs, July 21, p. 35.