724.3415/1792: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Feely) to the Secretary of State

27. The Minister of Foreign Affairs today informed me that the Draft Pact had been favorably received by his Government which was animated by a sincere desire of conciliation and that the Bolivian reply could be sent within the next 10 days, accepting in principle but [with?] certain minor modifications, among which he mentioned as the most important;

In establishing the extreme positions complete freedom of action should be left to both parties as to their activities behind those lines;
The reference to the Gutiérrez-Díaz de León Protocol to be replaced by a general statement of the same tentative arrangement without mentioning that protocol;
Bolivia will suggest that the fifth member be selected by the President of the United States.

As to the renewal of the relations he said that his Government had inquired from the Argentine Government as to the status of the latter’s offer of mediation, and if the reply were that it is no longer open, the question of the renewal of relations would be left to the neutral powers.