123 C 353/205: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan (Forbes)

2. Regarding assault on Consul Chamberlain at Mukden. Department has informed Japanese Ambassador here that, on the simple facts, an unjustified assault by two Japanese soldiers and a Japanese interpreter on an American consular officer who had amply identified himself, Department regards the incident with serious concern. Ambassador expresses concurrence and states that he is so advising his Foreign Office. He states that Japanese Consul General [at] Mukden has telegraphed him that he has expressed regret to American Consul-General [at] Mukden, that interpreter has been discharged and that the soldiers are under investigation. Late press dispatches indicate that Japanese authorities in Manchuria hope to settle the whole matter locally. Department has intimated to Ambassador that this will not be regarded sufficient and that action by Japanese Government is desirable. Ambassador apparently concurs and his statements imply that he is urging prompt and adequate action by his Government in the premises.

Repeat above promptly to Peiping.

Take no initiative unless instructed.