893.711/88: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cunningham) to the Secretary of State

Far Eastern Review has received letter from Shanghai Postal Commissioner dated December 19 stating that Commissioner is in receipt of instructions from Directorate General of Posts that the registration of Far Eastern Review is to be canceled and its postal transmission suspended. No reason is given. Josselyn interviewed Postal Commissioner who stated confidentially that the instruction emanated from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that he understood action was taken primarily because of George Bronson Rea’s connection with the periodical. Rea is now at Geneva on behalf of Manchukuo. C. J. Laval, American citizen, is temporarily in charge of Review. Far Eastern Review has been registered here since 1916 and since 1922 [Page 668] it has been [registered under?] sole proprietorship in the name of Rea. December issue of this magazine will be ready for mailing within a few days and manager is taking steps to arrange for its distribution other than by Chinese post if possible. Legation is requested to make such representations as will ensure that this publication be not denied its right to the use of Chinese postal facilities. I can find nothing in the paper which would warrant acquiescence in denial of such right as envisaged by the Department in paragraph 2 of its telegram No. 356, October 24, 3 p.m., to the Legation.

Repeated to the Department for information and by mail to Nanking.