Memorandum by the Minister in China (Johnson)27

In conversation with Dr. Lo Wen-Kan, Minister for Foreign Affairs, today, the latter informed me that he had arranged for an indefinite postponement of the application of the law governing the registration of periodicals with the Kuomintang central organization. I inferred also that this postponement would apply to the registration with the Ministry of the Interior, but this was not clear. In any case, he assured me that American periodicals would not be subjected to the terms of the law.

I told Dr. Lo that my government objected to any requirement for registration, but that it would be willing in any particular case to consider with him the denial of postal facilities to any particular American publication that might be found guilty of activities contrary to law and good morals.

Nelson Trusler Johnson
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Minister in his despatch No. 1889, December 24, 1932; received January 30, 1933.