Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Bundy) of a Conversation With the British Ambassador (Lindsay)

I had a long talk with the Ambassador about the Shipping Bills, during which I told him that there was a lot of energy behind the Bills and that most of the fire seemed to be caused by the Cunard’s action on the Cuba Line. I said that it seemed to me the Shipping Lines interested had better settle the matter between themselves. I suggested that he consult with the British interests to see whether this could be done. I told him I thought there would be no immediate passing of the Bills and that there would be time to work out some amicable adjustment.

I told the Ambassador that it was our plan not to send his memorandum to the Senate Committee unless he specially requested it, but that we hoped that our letter to the Committee would cover the points he had mentioned sufficiently. He stated that he would leave this decision to us.

H[arvey] H. B[undy]