Memorandum by the Under Secretary of State (Castle) of a Conversation With the German Ambassador (Von Prittwitz)

The German Ambassador told me that he was very much worried about the bills which had been introduced in Congress which would apparently put a stop to the winter cruises made by foreign boats to the Caribbean. He said this seemed a very unfair interference and pointed out that, in these days when all trans-Atlantic Lines were hard pressed, it would be a great blow to German shipping interests. He said that, of course, he had no sympathy with the 24 hour cruises now being made, but that he hoped most earnestly that no legislation would be adopted which would put a stop to the regular cruises.

I told the Ambassador that I did not know much about the situation, but that I fully sympathized with what he had said and that I knew the matter was being discussed in the Department. I said I would bring what he had said to the attention of the proper officials.

W[illiam] R. C[astle, Jr.]