640.0031 Danube/7: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Edge) to the Secretary of State

168. After a conference in Paris on Saturday between Monsieur Tardieu and Sir John Simon a communiqué was issued, the relevant portion of which reads as follows:

“They examined in particular the question of the economic position of Central Europe and the Danube region. They agreed that in this matter as in all others the cooperation between France and Great Britain should cover a wide field with a double object of calming political rivalries in Europe and hastening economic reconstruction.”

I learn from the British Embassy that the two Ministers decided that it was advisable for the four most important European countries, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, to invite the five principal Danubian countries to participate in a conference in the near future for the purpose of considering what measures could be taken to improve the general economic and financial situation of the Danubian states. In this connection it is understood that the action of the great powers will be confined to offering such assistance and advice as they can consistently furnish.

It appears that several conversations on this same subject have taken place in Geneva between representatives of the French and British Governments.