550.S1/235: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the American Representatives on the Organizing Committee for the International Monetary and Economic Conference (Sackett and Davis)

16. Despatch 349 Political from American Consul, Geneva, September 20,16 informs Department that Secretary General of League has taken up question of terminology for projected conference and that in the future the title of the conference will be “The Economic and Financial Conference”.

The Department observes the substitution of “financial” for “monetary” with some concern. The appropriation for expenses voted by the American Congress was specifically voted for a “monetary” conference and there is a possibility the omission of this word from the title might involve embarrassment as expenditures of money are controlled by the Comptroller General whose interpretations of appropriation acts are not subject to Executive reversal.

Is not the Organizing Committee of the Council the competent body to settle this matter of terminology? If so, you are requested to present this situation to it and explain that in the light of the foregoing circumstance it appears advisable to the Department that the word monetary be restored to the title.

  1. Not printed.