550.S1/174: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

77. Letter dated August 30 from MacDonald15 as President of Lausanne Conference to Secretary General of League requests, on behalf of inviting powers of that Conference, that League Council should agree to certain steps connected with preparation of World Economic and Financial Conference and transmits list of members of present Committee of Experts.

The final paragraph of Deputy Secretary’s transmitting letter reads as follows:

“As I understand your Government have already appointed two experts on the present Committee for the Conference I should be glad if you would be so good as to inform me as soon as possible of the views of your Government as to the time suggested for the meeting of the Committee.”

The time suggested in MacDonald’s letter is the latter half of September.

The Deputy Secretary General has requested me to ascertain from you as urgently as possible your views as to whether this time is satisfactory.

MacDonald’s letter document C–622–M–306 sent with Geneva list 284, September 7.

  1. League of Nations, Official Journal, November 1932, p. 1861.