800.51W89 Great Britain/369

The British Embassy to the Department of State

In replying to the note of the United States Government of December 11th His Majesty’s Government desire to emphasize that the purpose of their note of even date was to state clearly their own position in regard to payment on December 15th, and to explain the circumstances in which they had decided to make payment. It was not of course the intention of their note to touch upon any matter affecting the Constitutional position of the United States Government.

Their note should therefore be read solely as relating to their own position, which they have taken after mature consideration, viz: that they are prepared to make payment on December 15th in the light of the considerations set out in their note of December 11th, and they must reserve the right to recur to these considerations in the examination of the whole question to which the United States Government have agreed. They would again emphasize the importance of entering upon that examination without loss of time.