500.A15A4/965: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Acting Chairman of the American Delegation (Gibson)

53. [From the Secretary.] In your 93, March 26, noon, you recommended that at the conclusion of the draft speech on the formula dealing with the computation of effectives which Davis brought home with him, you add a further section dealing with the development of security through the abolition of aggressive weapons.

In our conception these two thoughts are not closely related. [Page 71] To combine them in one speech would run the danger of confusion in the public mind and would in any event subtract from the emphasis each would receive if delivered separately.
Our feeling is that more immediate and concrete gains may be expected from presenting and developing as a separate contribution the plan for abolishing aggressive weapons suggested in Sections 2 and 3 of your 93, confining yourself however to land weapons (that is, tanks and heavy mobile matériel) and not for the moment touching upon the question of bombardment planes or submarines.
Please submit, at your early convenience, a draft of this speech as you finally develop it. We have hopes that it may prove a real contribution to the success of the Conference.
It is my present idea that Gibson should make the speech on either April 11th or 12th before my arrival.
As to the formula for the computation of effectives we are inclined to the belief that it would be more effective to use the draft speech and the tables as a means of persuasion in technical committee rather than to advance it dramatically as an American plan in the General Commission. We have not reached a final decision on this point, but in any event I do not wish that speech made during the early days of the new session.
With relation to a possible speech by the President referred to in your 99,66 it is at this moment not practicable to give you a final decision. Davis asks me to say that he entirely concurs in your arguments, which will be brought to the President’s attention.
  1. April 1, 10 p.m., p. 69.