500.A15A4/953: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Acting Chairman of the American Delegation (Gibson)


48. For Gibson from Davis.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In view of time required to canvass situation and also of extension of time of recess to April 11, I have decided to sail on Berengaria April 6. Am going to New York today, returning here Monday morning. We then hope to give you final word on all the questions which are under discussion. Am making satisfactory progress regarding aggressive weapons. Question of budgetary reduction extremely difficult.

Suggestion in your 9364 is looked upon most favorably by the President and the Secretary. The question of the proposed speech which I brought along citing actual figures and names requires some further consideration as to the time and method of presenting it but hope to supply you Monday with the details to fill out your 93.

Strictly confidential. The President is wondering if he should not seek an early opportunity to say something on the disarmament question for the effect of opinion at home as well as abroad. I have expressed the opinion that if he confined himself to elaborating the thesis of dividing the forces into the component parts of police and [Page 69] defense without going into details which I feel that you should do in Geneva, it might be all right. I will discuss this with him further Monday.

I suppose you have not yet traced the source of the Mowrer65 indiscretion. At any rate repercussions here not serious as Department which knew nothing about it at the time fortunately was able to belittle it.

  1. The portion omitted relates to routine personnel matters.
  2. March 26, noon, p. 59.
  3. Mowrer had reported upon a plan of the American delegation which he stated had been submitted to the Department for approval (500.A15A4/927, 928).