462.00R296/5562: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Sackett) to the Secretary of State

62. From Wiley. After a consultation by telephone with the Ambassador, who is in Wiesbaden, I presented memorandum in accordance with your 31, March 23, 6 p.m., to Ministerial Director Dieckhoff both the Chancellor and Staatssekretaer Buelow being absent from Berlin.

I informed Dieckhoff that Department had directed the Ambassador to request an immediate interview with the Chancellor in order to make these representations personally to him. I asked Dieckhoff to acquaint his Government with this as showing the urgency and importance attached by the American Government to a prompt and favorable decision on the part of the German Government. Though most of the competent officials of the Government are away for the Easter holidays Dieckhoff is now conferring with Schaeffer Staatssekretaer for Finance and assures me that a reply will be prepared in good time. [Wiley.]