500.A15A4 Naval Armaments/153: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Mellon) to the Secretary of State

314. From Davis. Matsudaira told me today that Japan has now formulated a plan on the navy,26 intimating that since we and the British had submitted proposals they should have one. He said that it had just been received, that there were a few points to clear up before they could disclose it, and that they had not decided whether they would submit it formally at the Bureau or outline it in the conversations which are to be held in the near future with the British and ourselves. He said in substance it was a compromise between the American and British plans. Craigie told Dulles today that he had it on very good authority that the Japanese plan would raise in acute form the ratio question, and that therefore it seemed doubly important that our two countries get together on naval matters as soon as possible. [Davis.]

  1. For text of plan as ultimately submitted to the Bureau of the General Disarmament Conference, see p. 410.