500.A15A4 Naval Armaments/145: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Mellon) to the Secretary of State

305. From Davis. Supplementing my 301, and 302, I would emphasize that in all my talks with MacDonald, Simon and Baldwin and [Page 536]in conferences Hepburn and Dulles have had, we have stressed need for further naval reduction and that British programs were quite inadequate in this respect especially in cruiser and destroyer classes.

I trust you will not take impression from my cables that I am endeavoring to hurry you in reaching decisions on these important matters. If you deem it preferable I can return to London after my Geneva trip. The chief reason for an early decision lies in possibility that the whole disarmament program must be threshed out soon and in this event a frank understanding on naval matters with Great Britain would be extremely useful. The feeling between France and Italy is better than it has been for some time past and if we were in agreement with Great Britain we could expect a more useful influence toward bringing France and Italy into London treaty and in bringing about reduction in land and air armaments.

We are being careful to avoid any publicity as to technical naval discussions as this might have unfortunate reaction on future negotiations with Japan, France and Italy.

My talks on Saturday will be with MacDonald alone at Checquers but I am meeting with him, Baldwin and Simon here on Monday morning. [Davis.]