763.72119 Military Clauses/120: Telegram

The American Delegate (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

390. Von Neurath told me that he had requested a representative to give me an account of his conversations with Sir John Simon of September 23rd in order that I might keep you in touch with developments.

The representative stated that Sir John had requested the meeting and that the conversation was opened by Von Neurath expressing dissatisfaction at what the representative termed the “schoolmaster tone” of the British note. In any case Neurath said it was gratifying to stop the paper battle and hold conversations. Von Neurath had stated that Germany’s attitude was a waiting one, and had made very plain their position.

According to the representative Sir John stated that he was in favor of including the German military terms in the same document as the general treaty; that he was in favor of having a document of perhaps 5 years’ duration, the lapse of which would be the completion of Germany’s military obligations. Sir John had brought up the question of “sample types” and discussed it freely raising many objections. He did not, however, definitely exclude the idea. The representative stated that there was of course no intention on the part of Germany to claim equality of numbers.

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Rosso informed me Aloisi, chief of the Italian delegation, had a conversation with Von Neurath but that there was as yet little accomplishment to report.