500.A15A4 Permanent Disarmament Commission/4: Telegram

The American Delegate (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

426. Bureau meets November 3rd, first item will be “control” (see summary of rapporteur’s report my telegram No. 425, October 29).97

I believe it is desirable to make statement on this subject promptly not only for its bearing upon control but also to help focus opinion upon other and more important subjects to be considered in the near future. Bearing in mind your 163, June 30, 7 p.m.,98 I propose, unless instructed to the contrary, to speak along the following lines.

We believe that the provisions of the draft convention relating to supervision and control were worked out laboriously and thoroughly, they represent a high degree of conciliation between the parties participating in this work and provide an effective and far reaching control. We believe that the control and the manner and extent of supervision to be exercised by the Permanent Commission on Disarmament is dependent primarily upon the realization of that portion of the resolution of July 23rd which provides for “substantial reduction” under the inspiration of the plan of the President of the United States. Until such reduction has been accomplished we feel that any arrangement on supervision and control must be subject to final decision in the full light of the measures for reduction and limitation contained in the treaty. We would have preferred dealing with this more essential problem first but acceding to the wishes of many of the Bureau we are willing to continue the examination of the ratifications of control now but hope that the fact will be borne in mind that any final acquiescence on our part to the extension of the powers of the Permanent Disarmament Commission is contingent on the contents of the final treaty specifically in relation to the accomplishment of substantial reduction.

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