500.A15A4 Steering Committee/54: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the American Delegate (Wilson)

209. Your 384, September 24, 5 p.m.

The essential thing to remember is that any appearance of discord between the three principal members of the Bureau on what is after all basically a matter of procedure would complicate the general disarmament situation (particularly in world public opinion) out of all proportion to the question at issue.
Inasmuch as we shall not always see eye to eye with the British and French on questions of policy, I consider it particularly important that in all major procedural questions you endeavor to reach an informal agreement with them in advance and whenever possible give the appearance of a working cooperation.
I wish therefore that you would try to come to an understanding with Simon and Boncour as to the summoning of the General Commission. Your arguments are well taken and you may vigorously urge them, but if you are not successful and if they both favor the fixing of a date with a view to making certain that the Conference shall be brought face to face with the larger political issues, I think it would suffice for you, in public session, 1) to emphasize that this shall not relieve the Bureau from the tasks with which it was entrusted nor serve as an excuse for procrastination and 2) that you understand that the purpose of calling the Commission is to remove any doubt which may exist as to the scope of the Bureau’s mandate.
If Simon and Boncour cannot agree with one another then I approve your taking the stand you have suggested.