500.A15A4/1191: Telegram

The Acting Chairman of the American Delegation (Gibson) to the Secretary of State

283. Davis has just seen de Jouvenel who states that entire French delegation including interested Cabinet ministers are now conferring [Page 244]here in the hope of finding a way to accept the President’s plan in principle. Jouvenel saw Herriot yesterday and told Davis that Herriot had been greatly impressed by point of view presented by Davis as reported our 276, June 25, 2 p.m., and was very sympathetic. Difficulties at Lausanne where he needed British cooperation complicated Herriot’s position regarding disarmament but Jouvenel was hopeful of a prompt and favorable decision. He said that they would need some adjustments here and there in the President’s plan but he hoped to let us know their decision tonight or tomorrow morning.

If you concur in substance with Davis’ remarks as reported in our 276 we suggest you consider advisability of talking with Claudel today along these general lines with the request that Herriot be informed directly as it might have real influence on French decision.

We are endeavoring to get French to realize what a unique opportunity they have to promote good will and understanding with the two chief creditor nations and to render a genuine service to world recovery and peace by coming out boldly for the President’s plan.

Jouvenel inquired whether there was any truth in newspaper reports that President considering proposing consultative pact. Davis replied that he considered this unlikely particularly as part of disarmament treaty and reiterated views set forth in 276.

Jouvenel is obviously sincere but it must be remembered that he belongs to Left wing of the French delegation and that his estimates of the situation may be colored by his desire to avail of this opportunity.