500.A15A4/1143: Telegram

The Acting Chairman of the American Delegation (Gibson) to the Secretary of State

265. Your 141, June 20, 11 p.m. just deciphered at 12:30.

Davis and I are seeing MacDonald at 3 in Lausanne and will call you by telephone immediately on our return. Simon, who is most anxious to have MacDonald come here to give unqualified support to presentation of plan, asks most urgently for 24 hours to prepare that support. It will be impossible to arrange for a General Commission meeting before tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon, at 4:30 Geneva time which would accord with Simon’s request for time. We feel that advantage will accrue from this brief delay and strongly urge that action be withheld in order to give more time to prepare [Page 197]ground here. We are all enthusiastic about the statement in its present form and heartily in accord with the idea of presenting it to the Conference at a General Commission meeting.