The Minister in Bulgaria ( Shoemaker ) to the Secretary of State
No. 334

Sir: I have the honor to inform the Department with reference to the Legation’s despatches Nos. 315 and 320, of November 13 and November 18, respectively,96 that Mr. Stoyanoff, the Director of the Bulgarian Public Debt, has informed a member of my staff that ratification of the financial agreement signed by representatives of Bulgaria and Greece on November 11, in Athens,97 will not occur until the London Committee of Experts has put into final form a protocol proclaiming the Hoover moratorium in force as regards Bulgaria and Greece; that in fact, it will be this protocol, with the Agreement of November 11 appended thereto, which the Bulgarian Parliament will ratify. Mr. Stoyanoff stated that the Bulgarian Government several days ago agreed, in a telegram sent to its Minister at London, to the text of the protocol, and that the document in its final form should reach Sofia shortly.

Respectfully yours,

Henry W. Shoemaker
  1. Neither printed.
  2. Agreement concerning the application of the Hoover proposal to Bulgarian reparations and the execution of the Caphandaris-Molloff agreement during the Hoover year; text printed in Great Britain, Cmd. 4071, Bulgaria No. 1 (1932): Protocol Providing for Suspension of Certain Payments due by Bulgaria Under the International Agreement of January 20, 1930, p. 14.