462.00R296/5307: Telegram

The Minister in Bulgaria ( Shoemaker ) to the Secretary of State

30. With reference to my telegram 29, November 6, 5 p.m. Bulgarian Minister at Athens has telegraphed that the Greek Government has amended its reply as follows:

Withdrawal of K[afandaris]–M[olloff] dispute from the Hague Court no longer insisted upon;
Bulgarian reserve to the effect that the proposed agreement shall be without prejudice to rights under K–M convention, to be withdrawn from body of agreement and incorporated in Unilauf [unilateral?] declaration;
Greece to declare that should Bulgaria cease at any time to pay reparations without the express consent of Greece, the latter will refuse to honor bonds deposited by it under article 5 of K–M convention.

The Secretary General of the Foreign Office believes that amended reply offers possibility of agreement in the event Bulgaria can be certain that Greece will fulfill its obligation to deposit the K–M bonds for the 30-year period on December 15th of this year. Stoyanoff is returning from Athens to supply full particulars to Cabinet.