The Chinese Minister ( C. C. Wu ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: Referring to previous correspondence concerning a reciprocal arrangement for according to American consular officers in China and Chinese Consular officers in the United States the free importation privilege during their official residence, I have the honor to inform you under instructions from my Government that my Government is in complete accord with the American Government on the subject and that in consideration of similar privilege being accorded to Chinese consular officers in the United States instructions have been issued to the appropriate authorities at the various ports in China to admit to free entry articles imported for personal use during their official residence in China by American consular officers who are American nationals and not engaged in any other business, and their families, upon the request of the American Legation in each instance, with the understanding that no article the importation of which is prohibited by Chinese laws shall be imported by them.

Accept [etc.]

Chao-Chu Wu