The Secretary of State to the Chinese Chargé ( Yung Kwai )

Sir: Reference is made to Article D, Part I, of the Procedure for the Exemption from Duty of Articles for the Use of Diplomatic, Consular, and Other Officers Stationed in China, which reads as follows:

“If any country has enacted regulations restricting the remission of duty or freedom of entry of articles for official or personal use carried by Chinese ambassadors, ministers, chargés d’affaires, officers of Chinese diplomatic missions, consuls, and trade commissioners abroad which differ from these, the official and personal effects of such country’s diplomatic, consular and other officers in China shall be treated in accordance with the regulations of that country.”

In reply to a note from the American Minister to China requesting an elucidation of Article D, the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs stated16 that if the customs procedure of any country with respect to foreign diplomatic and consular officers be more favorable than that of China the Chinese Government will reciprocate. This Government desires that American consular officers assigned to China be accorded the free importation privilege during their official residence, and after consultation with the appropriate authorities of this Government I have pleasure in informing you that, in addition to the free entry of baggage and effects upon arrival and return to their posts in this country after visits abroad which Chinese consular officers assigned to the United States already enjoy, effective at once, upon the request of the Chinese Legation in each instance, this Department will arrange for the free entry of articles imported for personal use during their official residence in the United States by Chinese consular officers who are Chinese nationals and not engaged in any other business, and their families, with the understanding that no article the importation of which is prohibited by the laws of the United States shall be imported by them.

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
W. R. Castle, Jr.
  1. Under date of August 31, 1929; statement not printed.