The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in China ( Johnson )

No. 225

Sir: The Department encloses herewith a copy of despatch No. 7036 of July 18, 1930, from the American Consul General at Shanghai to the Department22 reporting that the Consulate General has been successful in obtaining the stamping by the Chinese authorities of deeds issued to the Shanghai Power Company, an American corporation.

It is requested that the Legation inform the Consul General at Shanghai that the Department is gratified that the Consulate General has been successful in carrying out the Department’s telegraphic instruction to the Legation No. 18 of January 16, 1930, and has succeeded in continuing in effect the procedure set forth in Article Three of the Shanghai Land Regulations, which prescribes that deeds issued to American citizens and firms shall be sent to the Chinese authorities for stamping through the American Consulate General.

Very truly yours,

Green H. Hackworth
  1. Supra.