761.93 Conference, 1930/59: Telegram

The Minister in China ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

1085. Legation’s 1053, December 17, 5 p.m. Following from Kuo Wen, Harbin, December 29th:

“Moh Teh-hui, chief Chinese delegate to the Moscow conference, returned here this evening.

Mr. Moh will proceed to Mukden and Nanking to report on the proceedings of the Sino-Russian conference.

According to Mr. Moh, both China and Russia have agreed to settle the problems relating to the Chinese Eastern Railway first. Questions regarding the Sino-Russian diplomatic and commercial relations will be taken up for discussion later. Russia, China, to abide by the Habarovsk Protocol, but that question has been given up, said Mr. Moh.

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The diplomat expressed great hope for Russia, saying that by virtue of the cooperation between the Government and the people she will gain an important position in the family of nations.”

For the Minister: